What is a flat line? Does it have to do anything with ED?

Anyone who can answer please answer…???

Discussion is welcome.

Flat line is a period of low energy during the streak of nofap,you might feel depressed,tired or sleepy but it’s quite normal.Because we used to feel high dopamine by pmo,the brain protect itself by reducing the receptors of dopamine for high level of this chemicals is harmful for the brain.Now we stop,the level of the dopamine decreased,in this condition,the brain would increase the receptors of dopamine gradually.


And life is full of ups and downs whether you fap or nofap.We tried to keep life in a constant ‘ups’ by watching porn and fapping.Now we stopped,you have to accept the fact you have to do the very deals to get success or cope with the pressures rather than escape to the unreal world manufactured by the porn.Sorry for my bad grammar


Thankyou for your reply,