What if we stop talking bullshit about NO PMO?

In the last few days, we have had a lot of messages from people complaining about the difficulty of leaving PMO…

Let’s be serious for a moment please:

If I tell you I’m giving you $ 1 million if you don’t watch porn and don’t masturbate during the next 12 months…

It’s $83.333 per months
Or $2.777 per day!

Do you think you will succeed in doing it?

I am sure that 90% of the people on this forum will easily succeed in doing so!

So the real question is:

Are you and your life worth less than $ 1 million to disrespect yourself so badly in PMO?


Amazing Advice bro ! @FlowForCourage
Never thought it from this perspective.


Everything is about perspective.

With the right perspective, NO PMO is damn easy :roll_eyes:


I respectfully disagree.

If its so easy, why are we all struggling with it?

There have been many studies done on rats with addiction. In one, a rat could push down a lever in the cage. If it did, it would get shocked, and be given a drug. Over time, the rat wanted the drug so much that it would push the lever until it died from being shocked.

Okay, we’re not rats. I get that. The concept is fascinating nonetheless. Drugs (like the dopamine rush we get from pmo) are so strong and have such an effect on our brains that THE DESIRE FOR MORE ACTUALLY SUPERCEDES THE DESIRE FOR ANYTHING ELSE. Dopamine from pmo and other drugs make the brain becomes wired to think that the drug is actually as important as breathing, eating or sleeping.

Saying I’d give you 1 million dollars for not relapsing for a year is like telling your brain it will get 1 million dollars if you don’t eat for a year. The same would apply with breathing.

Thats why this is called “Rewire Companion”. To break free from pmo addiction, we actually have to “rewire” our minds to believe that pmo is not imperative for survival.

Yes, I agree that a positive perspective is important. But, sexual addiction is no trivial matter.


No worry brother. You are free to disagree and express your opinion :slight_smile:

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I agree with both of you.

Our mind is not one but is made of hundreds of different thoughts, needs, believes- both conscious and subconscious. When you say “I want to quit PMO”, the “I” is just a part of you. There will always be other parts and they might have totally different interests.
To actually quit in the long run your mind has to work together in this regard. That does not mean ALL parts habe to agree, but most. This is sometimes called spiritual Integration. The more integrated your mind is, the more it will act as one.
If you struggle with it, your mind is not enough integrated in regard to that topic. You have to change your mind or rewire it as @keepFighting put it

But motivation (from the outside as well from the inside) can have the effect that more of the parts of the mind work on one goal together. The million dollars of @FlowForCourage is a good example. The bad thing is just that no one actually gives us those million dollars.
But reflecting on your goals and boosting your own motivation frequently will help and make it easier


Then we will live for money. We’ll not surely pmo but will intimate with call girls around. Since all this is materialistic and you can get only temporary happiness with it. What’s the benifit? I know rich that are addicted to sex,money and drugs because There is an emptiness inside that you’re filling up with pmo then you’ll fill it up with money doesn’t matter what you take to fill it up but emptiness will be still there. You have to feel it somewhere in your lifetime because it is waiting for you.

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When I give the example of 1 million of dollars… It’s to show you that for 1 million you’ll become more braver!

I’ve finish my post with this question: are you worth less than 1 million of dollars? It is not a question of materialism, but of self-love which is expressed through self-respect.

If people are able to tell me that for $ 1 million or $ 2,777 a day they feel they are ready to NO PMO!.. While they keep relapsing… It’s because their real problem is not bringing enough value to their life and their Being.



I agree to this view because

Agree = most of us will succeed in this because monetary reward or money :moneybag: (Artha) is one of our carnal desires.

Others as per kamasutra are 1. Religion (dharma) 2. Pleasure (kama)

To have a healthy life a balance between the all three is required. All three are connected to each other and we can destroy or temperorarily overcome one desire by capitalising on others.

Let me know what are your views

If you have to ask yes I am read some bit of kamasutra as well. :slight_smile:

I’m from Europe. I don’t know this culture and these concepts of Artha, Dharma and Kama. But it makes sense!


Ohh my bad! These concepts are ancient concepts borrowed from Hinduism
I am from India!

It sounds very spiritual et wise.

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Pff, I won’t get bribed that easily. If I wanted to fap then I do it easy as that. I don’t need to be bossed around for what I need to do. I mean all have a different system on how we work. For some money is a motivator for others feeling healthy or being spiritually active is more important than money.

Trust me we all will find a way to bullshit you anyways in this money system too. You know not everyone is that honest especially when it comes to money. The best example is the government’s. In each country there is some sortof corruption a conspiracy/ scam (like the CIA also good example) shit we don’t know.

Also people cheat al lot of systems thanks to digital power through hacking. Also with some know how you can get ‘cheat codes’ on game showes or contest. Everyone says it’s luck to win at the casino, but the House wins most of the time. How? You think oh I just won $250 or pounds or whatever. But next time you spend maybe 2 twice as much to win that 250 and you ignore the fact that you lost more than you won at that stage, because of the excitement.

Nofap is a constent battle with oneself. It is not to say here is a $1 a day, because you are ‘free’. In fact after getting that $1 you know why and your thoughts linger more on fapping rather than the freedom.

Actuality sitting in thought on why you are doing nofap should be your main concern. Not how or what or when to beat it. As your what, when and how changes, but your why stays relatively constant, like say you do it for sexual health. It might change as you feel happier or more alive as your what and how say if it is education enriches your life ( the results) , but it is a temporary happiness and also it isn’t always available as your gym is closed/ you wake up in the middle of the night. Etc.

Apply logic to beat it not theories or based on what can work or to replace or inconvenience the situation. This is an active process where you should engage your thoughts CONSTANTLY. As you need to adress an urge and also push past the thought of being horney. Also repeating your reason actively will later become a thing that automatically stops your head to engage in fantasies of sex, to stop thinking of porn and avoid seeing flashes of a certain porn scene.

To stop pmo from being an integrated thing in our routine we have to activately work our way through making Nofap part of our routine. Yes replace PMO with NOFAP and not a workout .

What nofap is just to simply look at life without PMO.

Stupid but yes it is the plain and simple truth about nofap, it doesn’t say you must now become a better person you know you can be or want to be and achieve everything in life you wanted. ( the good physique, the perfect job etc) you can have that and still fit PMO in it.