What if I used to do nofap for benefits but now they don't matter?

I started nofap because it was giving me good hair, good skin, smart thoughts, attraction from girls, money, love. But now nofap works 2 times slower. And I don’t believe it’s worth it. What now?

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Ok, what does 2 times slower mean? That suddenly the benefits are fewer, your growth is slower or what?

If you feel like this “2 times diet slower” is a reason to go back to it, then just go for it, no one will stop you. But first, ask yourself if you treat fap as a candy you’re denying yourself, or as an addiction you want to get rid of?

If the second one, I’ve got bad news for you - recovering from addiction ends in a full recovery, not eternal growing better just because you’re not doing it. If it was heroin, would you feel like asking this kind of question? I mean, you might… But would you see it as appropriate if you were standing outside of it?

Now, if we’re here, my outlook at the benefits - I don’t really believe them all that much. If you want to keep getting them… Good skin and hair? Go for good nutrition! Smart thoughts? Keep exercising your brain! More money? Get more qualifications, work hard! Attraction from girls and love? That’s all about you, not your NoFap.

How I see it - getting rid of addiction frees up resources. Up to to to use them better and better over time. Hope that helps, and I hope you don’t feel it’s too harsh or anything :wink:


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