What (if anything) made you relapse once you crossed 160 days?

Guys I see some posts where people write that they were on a very good >100 days stream but somehow relapsed. I want to understand the thought process which made them relapse. Please share if you underwent through such an experience.


:sweat_smile:I don’t want repeat counting days again that’s the only regret you get but you feel good after m & u won’t feel pleasure by watching p & by time u again like to see p and later u have high chances of get addicted again


Hey, @Hindu

I can tell you from my own path:

  • I crossed the 200 days when I was on a relationship. Then we broke, and some days later I was feeling alone, needy for affection… and PMO’s got me hooked.
  • You start to feel overconfident, and neglect the importance of staying far away from triggering content. You may have a 200 days streak, but your brain is still highly suggestible. If you play with fire…

Overconfidence a big one. I’ve been over 6 months probably 5 out 6 times and relapsed. I had a rather scary experience once that had convinced me that Satan is a literal tangible being. I was asleep, in bed with my wife and daughter and i was awoken in the middle of the night by an audible voice whispering the name of a porn site I hadn’t visited in years. Suddenly images and urges flooded my mind. I tried to stave them off but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to wake my family even though I know my wife would have been happy to help me in any way she could. After what felt like days in bed trying and begging to to back to sleep I got up and looked up the site supposedly just to satisfy the urge so I could go to sleep… Nope PMO… I felt like dirt. Took me a long time to get over the shame and admit it to her. Sometimes we just get so confident after a long streak we don’t ask for the basic help we need from God or those around us.