What if? A new perspective, and a new start!

What if I peek? What if I edge? What if I fail? What if I’ll never succeed? What if? What If?? WHAT IF??? That’s all we ever ask man! We fear that something will happen. We doubt everything around us like it has no purpose!! Let me introduce something to you: What if - Even if. This simple change can move a lot of perspectives. For example: What if I relapse? Even if I relapse it’ll make me stronger. What if I’ll never win? What if I lose everything? What if all these terrible things happen to me? EVEN IF these things happen to me I should accept that I can’t see the way things God sees it. Because He wouldn’t allow these things to happen without a good reason. I’m sure no one would have understood why God sacrificed His Son if He hadn’t told us. But we do, and look how well that turned out. I don’t care if you’re a Christian or not that’s the truth. He’ll 100% allow you to be hurt because that’s our fault, not His. But that pain makes us stronger. Quit doubting the plan. Just make good choices, and always try your best. Like a recent thought I’ve had is what if there are benefits to fapping, because there was this stupid video I saw. Even if fapping gives me the ability to freaking fly I’ll say no because God said no. I’m fed up living like this. I feel terrible 24/7 and I want to be myself again. I’m starting over once again, but that’s why Jesus died. Here goes.


Just relapsed. Time to grow stronger I guess. I don’t know. My challenge for myself tomorrow is to learn about “just one more” or otherwise known as the chaser effect. I’ve already accepted defeat tonight and I want to relapse more. I need to break this chain. That’s all out of me tonight. Hope y’all have a blessed day/afternoon/night!

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Use your “what if” power in a different way :wink:


Nothing will happen… If you did anything … thinking more about this make this situation worst.


Relapsed after about 9 days 2 days ago… I’m in a bad situation rn… I know there’s things I need to get done, but I’m too lazy to do anything. This sucks…


What if, you keep getting back up each time you fall, it will show commitment.
What if, you stay committed and eventually become successful.
That’s just my way to motivate btw.


Wow bro which book is this?


Day 1 again booyakashaaa!!! :sunglasses:


It is “can’t hurt me” by David Goggins


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