What I want to share

Ending this addiction will improve your life.

For me, my life will remain the same regardless

The only difference is that I will have defeated an addiction.

Until then, my motivation is low. My urges are high

I keep failing you know, and I must reach the sky.


You’ll make it, my friend, trust yourself! I started similarly, and look - 88 days and I’m not seeing much possibility of relapse anytime soon!

You sound a lot like something I’ve learnt from zen Buddhism and vicinity. At the beginning of the path, we’re like children, not knowing anything. Along the way we learn a lot and it seems a lot has changed, but at the end the goal is to be like a child once again - but with all the lessons learnt coming as naturally as if they have never been taught to you… Do you think that’s something you aiming for with “my life will not change”?


My life won’t change.

I will still he single.

Afraid to go out in the world and socialize because my Dad held me back as in making me only spend time with him.

Afraid to ask a woman out because of 100% rejection rate.

Living with my parents until they pass on.

Yeah that’s what I mean when I say my life will not change.

Oo bro, first of all, keep in mind that you don’t know the future, and it is a fact. Once you firmly believe that, start doing things which you had assumed will turn out negative…

Tell me, do you know when you will die?

Did you know that you would be in this situation 10years ago?

No right? You didn’t know, and here you are, and believe me, you don’t know if you will still be an addict 3months from now!

Only focus on what is right and do it. What the future holds for you is never your concern unless you are not doing anything for it.

And one more thing to add… Don’t ever think that living with parents is a bad thing… Who told you that, sure you need a partner, but that has got nothing to do with you living with parents, there are many people who are in a relationship or married and still live with parents,

I was also very shy and afraid to interact with people, I still do… But I keep trying, because I don’t care what happens or will happen after I interact, because I focus on being active and confident while I interact.

After the conversation is over, you will the confidence boosting for real. You will feel a sense of achievement. And then you will overcome that fear…

Comon mahn don’t think much about this, you are stressing yourself 90% , just by overthinking…

Be with them, make them feel happy, I know this period will be stressful and hard… But while passing away, they will go with a feeling of proud for their son, that he took care of them until the end and they will give prayers to you in those final moments.

And when it is over, believe me, if anyone feels regret after getting prayers from their parent’s final words, there ain’t a bigger fool in this world.

You will feel at that time, that you did the right thing to stay their side patiently and you will move on with a peace of mind…



Actually I do know when I’m going to die. God told me when I was 4, that I shall live to 84.

Since I was born in 1990, I will die in 2074.

Comon man really!? You are answering that question instead of telling about other things I said?!
Iam trying to show you the positive side of your life style, so that you don’t get get stressed too much. That is how you will beat this addiction, with positivity and appreciation. That is how you will be able to move on.


Ok. I thank you for this.

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I can feel you. I was feeling same when i was between 10-20 days, but now I am feeling much better in life as if things are getting easier for me by itself. I see opportunities in many things. Just gift yourself 2-3 months streak without porn and see yourself, thar your opinion will change. Have some faith please.

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hey mate
i just wanted to share
that there are people who care
even when every day seems the same
it does not have to be lame
you will do better
trust me in this matter

failing is fine
as long as you continue to try
do not stop believeing
you are caple of achieving
the goals that you want
the dreams that you hold

i offer my help
to cut you lose from that kelp


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Thank you. I have always had a hard time believing in myself. I always saw myself as a failure.

Just like me you are skilled in poetry.

I just am impatient. I want those goals now. I want my dreams to come through now.

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