What have you done to rewire companion?

What have you done to that section?It is not a place to discuss your problems with The Addiction.You have made Off-topic section a place for your sexual thoughts.Topics like “Sex with a whore”,“Porn generation” and others have no place here.SEX ISN’T EVERYTHING ON THAT LIFE.
I don’t mean to stop talking about your problems or relationships with others.The only things you talk here are about pornography, relapses, wet dreams,hatred about your addiction and depression.There also must be censor on all that rude words you say.Also, you sound like fanatics about Nofap.In your hatred for your addiction you actually show big part of your life it actually is.YOU LOVE IT!Sounds ironic, huh?Anyway,what I expected on that topic was to speak on topics that don’t directly affect pornography or fight against it.
Here we must talk about other things like what you do other than abstaining.About school or work you go to, books you read,sports you train, what are you going to do with your life,or even about the politics that trouble you.There are other aspects of life that our forum must consider.
I am not some kind of beginner in Nofap teaching so you shouldn’t criticize me about my words.I have written this after I got dissapointed with what the forum actually is.But we can help make it better place!


Before you say what are you are going to say,I have an important question.What EU are going to make with Internet? Is it going to censor and delete everything we upload on Internet?Isthe Web going to become better place? For more information go to https://boingboing.net/2018/06/07/thanks-axel-voss.html.I need your opinion and clarification about what is going to happen.
P. S. I know that the two comments I have written aren’t connected, but I think that both are important and they need to be seen by many people.

i think there are also general discussions.
we had how to focus on study, good books, sport, what we wanna do in life just as some example.

but i get your point. constantly talking about our addiction keeps us focused on it.
but i think it is also understandable that people have questions regarding pmo since this forum is the only place were we openly can talk about it

about your second question. i don’t think that we will or should censor the internet.
in my country (switzerland) there was a huge hate against one law proposal which would have forbidden / censored international casinos in switzerland. i think, at least in western europe the opinion of free speach is just way too high as if the governement could censor what we shouldn’t use

To neveragaintw, You live in Western Europe.But I live in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe).We still have problems with the free expression of the thought.I don’t actually know if it can become worse than now.

I agree with you, the thing is all kinds of people have all kinds of doubts. Most of the posts are just repeating questions. My original plan was to build a wiki with comprehensive information about this addiction. But due to lack of time and resources that project was dropped. I still have plans for improving the forum but there are some important things to do first. You will see them in the coming days, early since you are beta tester :slight_smile: