What has helped you most to break free from your addiction?

I have been struggling for some time and I was wondering what strategies/mindsets/or whatever else you have implemented which have helped you overcome this addiction. Thank you in advance for your feedback.


I use Affirmation/Audio Frequencies to help turnover the Fap addiction very easily. Not that hard just don’t peek, exercise, and wait for your manifestations to come true.


In my case, there were a few things that helped me heading into the right direction. None of these provided a magic cure or made me stay clean all of a sudden, but they had their part.

1.) Stop the negativity

I think when I started fighting, i tended to blame either myself, porn, everyone involved in the industry, everyone watching porn without reflecting, everyone who didn’t have a problem with porn although watching it…and I see some people in the forum blaming society, or worse, woman in general.
But that won’t help you, to be honest. It just fuels the fact that you spend time nurturing negative emotions inside yourself instead of working on the things you want. And that’s another big point.

2.) Working on what you want

And finding out what that is. For me, especially compared to some people I know that consume from time to time without getting addicted, I noticed that I don’t work on what I want, and that I didn’t even know what it was that k wanted. The reason I spent so much time on porn was simply because I could afford it. It didn’t hold me back getting anywhere, because I wasn’t heading anywhere. I think it’s vital that you don’t find yourself with urges and respond with “nah, I don’t want to fap, it’s bad”, but with “nah, can’t right now, I have to finish working on that thing here first”. That takes discipline, and that’s my last vital point:

3.) Learn discipline

That includes first and foremost to stay focused on working for what you want without getting distracted all the time, staying on track with your plan when the urges come knocking on your door, telling you it would be easier to just fap for ten minutes instead of working on this thing for a week. But it also means to discipline your mind, to not give into desires in general. Go for a walk even if it’s raining. Do the laundry even if you’d rather play some videogames. Listen to a close friends problems even if you’d rather die of boredom. Basically, just learn to do what you know is right and what you set your mind to instead of doing whats easiest.

Those three things in combination helped me a lot. None of these focus on staying away from porn, but rather on doing something else instead. Because that’s what it’s about in the end imo: why do you want to quit. What are the negative implications of your consume. And how can you get what you can’t while pmoing.
Ofc there are a lot of small things and strategies how to overcome urges, but essentially for me it came down to this.
Hope this helps. Cheers!


What day are you on?

So helpful. Thanks a lot bro.

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Day 19 Its been stressful and a journey.
But im fine i need to keep going.


All the best bro. Keep the good fight going! We are together.

Porn is like a salt water.how much time u masterbate it won’t satisfi you .so better to leave


remembring my childhood helped me alot ,because everyone has a sin free childhood ,
make that time a standard and come back to your innocence


Group always helped me to improve … Now i am 300+


I’ll just say one thing has helped me the most. Failure.

Failure teaches you what you did wrong. Failure is so distressing (at least to me) that it’s literally painful. There’s many ways failure is a good teacher.

But I understand you want a mindset rather, or something to follow. So I’d say focusing on what you want to become is probably the best way to stay driven. That and remember how damaging the addiction was to you. Do you want to go back there? Your decision.