What hardcore mode mean?

I saw a lot off topic of people talking about nofap on hardcore mode but i don’t understand what it’s mean

That means that beside jerking off and porn elimination you also do not have sex

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ah, thanks man!, i’m catholic so i’m ok whit this


I am catholic too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: howevere I do not eliminate the possibility to making love with someone before I become somebody husband, because I can’t. I do not say that I am planning that, but life is life :wink:

To me hardmode is the only true healing way for us nofapers


Hard mode is no porn, no masturbation and no orgasms. It’s basically a complete rest from any sexual stimulation. Other things not recommended include porn substitutes like porn fantasy, erotic stories etc. If you’re using it to get aroused then you shouldn’t be using it.

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