What happens to your brain during a reboot? Hence why its so hard?

Hey guys. Just wondering, if people are trying to reboot the difficulty is probably due to the chemical changes in our brain during the process. Also is there a proven new habbits to take up like exercise that make the process less hard…is there a 12 step program that works best?? Etc?

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Very nice question.
I am on day 20 of Reboot so i cant answer your question.
Help him bro @nagate

Hi Brother the first steps are Being honest with your self.
I don’t really know and 12 step program but i will tell you what worked for me i had reached 100 days and failed for the trap. because i know what made me fail i not know what to do in order not to fall for it again. For example i relapsed because of ignoring non porn sites like insta facebook etc everytime i would go there was females and i would look at them and not realise that it was bad for my progress soo i failed in 2017 its only then that i knew what i was supposed to do. Soo what i am trying to say is find what made you slip and walk on the other side next time
Remember you are the one that lift those fingers and open a webbrowser and type for those porn that you want to watch my who is doing that you or lust? You can not submit to lust show lust who is the boss.
Used the same fingers to do great things in life thank watching pixels that drain your semen/life force out of you.
Now to make your brain recover you must either abandon social or change your algorithms by blocking those “pictures”

Stay away from milk i will never stop saying that.
Start eating as much greens plants as possible make smoothie out of them your body/brain needs those greens, fruits, water more thank anything else
Avoid dairy as much as you can
Find time to relax watch alot of motivation videos thats like powerlifting for your brain

Take cold showers it does not have to be daily but when you are feeling tempted bump in the shower and boom back to normal mode

Do some excersice it does not matter what it is but make sure to Sweat from it you and your brain need discipline

Sleep early and sleep as much as you can in the your first days of this journey but before you sleep always make sure there is a bottle of water that you where drinking because water will rehydrate and rewire you soo fast

Stay away from drama, drama+ stress = relapse soo be carefull

Listen to music and comedy as much this is brain ernegy

Don’t look at your progress in the day counter Don’t everyday at your badges just know that your app is counting the days and you are making the progress to be the best version of yourself.

I hope this helps you on your journey i wish you the best


Thanks for tagging me here amazing progess how are you feeling now

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Thanks for writing this out, lots of useful info. Do you know what it is about milk and diary that makes you relapse? I went vegan for 8 months, I’m back to eating a little meat but mostly it’s fish. I still don’t drink milk though, it taste gross to me now, I have seen a lot of progress on my porn addiction in the past year so I wonder if my diet has anything to do with it.

Feeling better @nagate

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Food/ is one is of the biggest reason we fail the reason i am soo sure about milk Being bad for humans is due to the hormones it packs basically almost every gross hormone a cow can produce its also mean’t for calfs. This days they are giving cows too much hormones and then humans drink it and have all kind of wild reactions most humans are intorelant to milk. But the same humans can eat the meat soo this says something. I had this annoying knot which was painful just above my penis and when i stoped milk its has decreased but when i would go back to drinking milk it would pop up again

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