What happened to Sahas?

As title said. What happened to the dude?

He got banned for being controversial?

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yeah he got banned again… in past he has been banned several times.
He is nice dude but loses temper pretty quick and utters whatever he feels like.


Hope he’s well though…I think he should be invited back.


Nah, I’ve seen him. Too much ego. We don’t want toxicity here.

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It’s visible on his profile:

What did he do? He was my friend. What bad thing did he do to get banned?

It is always difficult with him
I hate it to ban people but he is always involved or the cause for the biggest fights.

I would love to see when he stops challenges, powering through urges head long and seeing nofap as the really only thing. He could improve as a person so much outside of nofap.
and that would help him a lot. He is always on that fighting mentality, beating himself and so on.