What happen if you edging?

Yes, it’s bad. But i’m still not sure what is the cause of edging. If you know, please comment down below

Brother we are all here to rewire our brain, so if you are edging you will not be able to rewire. Those lustful thoughts, objectification, lack of focus and all that will never go away.


edging = ED coming but sometimes it is up to u if u doing it too much it will break ur meat i guess hahaha



  1. Habit ( hand automatically goes there)
  2. The urges (being hard to resist)
  3. Not so serious about maintaining the streak
  4. Not keeping the mind alert
  5. Seeking little amounts of pleasure atleast.


  1. Blue balls, leads to pain and then eventually relapse.
  2. Rewiring takes longer and longer time.
  3. Peeking comes next and then eventually relapse.
  4. After getting a taste, you will miss the PMO and eventually relapse.
  5. Streak restarts, as edging should be considered as a relapse.

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