What Experiences / Stage you have reached in MEDITATION

I think this question is mostly for people who are in Celibacy not just NOFAP.

All people I think who are in meditation might be transforming their veerya into ojas.

So after observing and meditation : What stage or dimension u have touched ?

I hope there are people who have some truth to share and help other cosmos .

It doesn’t work like that. Meditations are of many types from observation of breath to japa, from observing the organs to contemplating on an image or object of devotion. Semen retention doesn’t happen to celibates only. It happens to the people who have gathered it enough to transform it into non physical form of energy, that’s why even after marriage or being in a relationship we need to regulate our sexual practices.
My experience: It’s been 2 years since i started meditation practices and i kept on changing and tried many of them. Although i wasn’t regular but from past two months or maybe one and half month when i meditate it last long for 15-17 minutes minimum and atleast once this stage comes in my mind where everything is empty no thoughts, no pics, nothing but it doesnt last for very long though the time has increased significantly and also sometimes my eyes opens up automatically whenever i see only darkness i mean total dark.


Thank you for sharing ur experience.

I hope you will reach more ahead in your journey and share more experiences. :pray:

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