What does the journey to 90 days look like?

Hey guys, I’m only on day 5 but it makes me think how going to day 90 would be like.

For example, what do you do when you’re talking to a girl at day 30 and feel like you can’t focus because you haven’t ejaculated in 30 days? What’s sex like after 90 days (just an arbitrary number)? Etc.

For me I almost caved in today because I had a cute match on Hinge… lol it’d be awesome to know the phases and how you handled them. Thank you!

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Thought I’d push this to the top of the forum as I think it would be useful to know what’s coming next, so we can prepare. I’m on day 6 and LOADED.

Im on day 25… Only thing i can say is its better to see it for. Yourself

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