What do you think?

Hey guys, I did nofap for 147 days and I was 65-70 %healed, do you think that another 150 days will do the trick?
I M 11 times this month, three of them was sex(chaser effect)
And I really thunk now that tomorrow (1st oct) it’s a day I’ll start again to take it to the next level, I want to heal at least 90% pmo of my mind


Okay, so I get it your journey you cut put p of the pmo. This is a major step and good progress to healing if I understand correctly.

Well, yes do step it up. Since you want more healing then go for harder option and try to cut mo out of your life.

You can choose how to proceed as sex doesn’t count in pmo as it is the natural way man is supposed to orgasm. So just cutting on masterbations orgasms you could do. It would maybe make it easier for you to cut it completely since the sex might further worsen urges. So complete semen retention(well minus nightfalls too here as it don’t count as relapse unless you wanna go super hardcore ) or semen retention but sex is allowed for orgasming

Good luck and stay strong and awesome !


Thanks you for replying. I did 147 days of hardcore nofap and I’m doing it again, so I’m asking if it would change further more my healing process