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In general, people hereheare are struggling with “energy stuck on the lowest level”, I mean ofc addiction to this temporary body pleasure and watching porn. However, I am the type of guy whos 90% of energy is in the head, I feel disconnected from my body, my emotions, personality and sometimes even memory. I am overthinking everything and feel more like infinity experiencing itself than human being, jave trouble defining myself as human.

I try to maintain my streaks, but only what I feel is that every drop of energy I save this way, goes directly to my mind, I feel disconnected from Earth even more then. When I relapse, I feel for the moment that energy from my overflooded mind is going “down” temporary filling those “lower levels of existence” and I actually feel a bit better.

My question:
Is hard mode going to fix this total imbalance? Or do I need to do something extra about it? Cuz I am having hard times not because of the urges, I just cant live under the pressure of my disconnected, overpowered brain.

You problem is very peculiar.It is said that long-term sexual abstinence is only possible if you regularly exercise both body mind and spirit.Some exercise until you sweat followed by a cold shower should give you the body awareness you’re looking for.If you have no spirituality of any kind then you need to find that too.I’m not saying you have to be religious just be aware of a Divine Presence within you within others within nature.Anyways there are definitely other ways of “getting out of your head” than wanking.

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Yoga and breathing is an Excellent way to practice being in the body, and Feel your energy and emotions.
It just training, but it’s hard. That’s what I do everyday, yoga and streching.


Please don’t take this the wrong way.What you describe sounds like a form of mild autism.Being disconnected to the world outside of your mind is the old medical dictionary’s basic definition for autism.You need to treat this by being more social.I could be wrong but this is the feeling I get after reading your post a couple more times.It’s not a connection to your body that you crave so much as a connection to people.I have a bit of the same problem to some degree.I’m an introverted loner a lot of the time.Try to have more real life conversation and try to read people’s emotions from their facial expressions.

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Nice done my friend, that may be the case, thanks. I actually observe and watch people’s emotions and mimics and I am very good at detecting lies. Sadly though cant detect my own… thanks again brothers in journey