What do you do to shut down ur urge?

Share with us how do you shut down ur urges pls

I find it an effective way, to pee it off when the urge is strong. Usually the arousal will go off with pee.

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I usually go for a run or to the gym and workout. This makes me tired and decreases my urge. If I am not able to do this, I spend time with my family or friends so that my mind gets distracted in everything else and I wouldn’t have to spend my mental energy on whether I should relapse or not. Someitmes mindful meditation helps me too.


fapping is a depression so do the opposite expression. So be around others and talk or play. Otherwise if you can’t close your eyes accept the urge, stay there with it, breath, and let it slowly pass. Write out your experience, so you can look back reflect and motivate yourself for the next urge.