What do you do if you get erotic thought when you sleep? do you also find hard to sleep

I am on day 22 I really find very hard to sleep I am confused is it insomonia or that I have a energy because I am latesleeper at 2.am but now I am sleep at 4 or 5 am . I get too many erotic thoughts on bed so i find hard to sleep but I wanted to sleep peacefully.

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Do you work out? If you don’t start working out it helps get rid of that excess energy.


Yeah, tiring yourself will allow you to sleep early, while you are already on nofap, why not improve your sleeping pattern also. You have got the whole day to do anything you want.

I read somewhere that 11 pm to 3am is the most essential time to sleep, as the brain performs all the vital recoveries and maintenance work during this time. Not that I fall asleep at 11 but I try to sleep till 11:30 or 12.

High intensity training does not only help you to get a great body but it also develops you mentally and tires you to sleep early.
We all know these little tricks but sometimes we need someone else to remind us…


I used to do it workout regularly but I am failing 2 time to excution of running & workouts together.