What do yo do when you feel an urge?

Well, I want to know what you do when you fell an urge, I wanna be ready…

Take a cold shower
Go for running
Do push-ups
Listen to a song untill the urge ends
Talk to your friends or family

Just leave your phone and get out of that room!


:arrow_right: Visualising myself having to wipe the cum like a loser!

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Hahaha this is the best
Thanks for this

Yes, very effective! :roll_eyes:

Well, sure do stuff that’s fun for you. But this is a temporary solution. As replacing pmo with something is just delaying the urge also you won’t always do what you mentioned like take a cold shower. I know I wouldn’t take a shower waking up feeling horney in the middle of the night. Sleep and the comfort of my bed is the most important thing at the time.
The thing is when you feel the urge adress it directly with your thoughts.

Like @FlowForCourage that visualization is maybe required to get your thoughts away from it. Or have an internal dialogue a conflict so to say and a strong motivative argument to stay away from pmo than to think of giving in. The actively you adress it rather than delaying it to maybe workout/do your job/talk/ dance sure is fun, but at the same time sometimes the desire to talk to someone or whatever is not really there and/or you get bored by the activity.

Hope this helps bro good luck stay strong and awesome