What do people think before going to sleep? [discussion]

Usually, when I sleep I always pretend I was sleeping with my wife even tho I am still single and don’t have a girlfriend. I just like to imagine things before I slept.

What does a normal male or a monk do before they sleep? What do they think before sleep? Can you share with me your before sleep thinking/imagination?

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I regularly dowhill relaxes my body and muscles alongwith it and which induces the sleep and I’m usualyy blank after that …but incase if that doesn’t work I listen to binaural beats of Sadhguru and which really helps in easing the mind with no dirty thoughts and it’s been working pretty well , because of the lockdown here in india… it’s been 20 days and yaay! Im going strong…you should try it…

  1. A few yogic stretches …
  2. Listening to Sadhguru speeches with binaural beats.

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Before going to sleep I always think about the good events happens in my past. Also about my friends

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