What are some Healthy Rewards?

Guys, we all know that to build healthy long-term habits we have to add a reward in the end of a routine. I’m really confused here. What exactly counts as a healthy reward and how to properly apply them for sticking to habits? What exactly can we use that doesn’t have many drawbacks?

Edit : I’ve tried using some things as rewards but often see myself chasing the rabbit and going too overboard, not getting any work done. Could use some help.

Healthy reward? Anything other than pmo, smoking, drinks or drug can work as a reward.

If you’re a food lover its ok to have junk as a reward only on achieving your streak.

I had potato chips on my 15th day.
Brought sweet corns from market and prepared soup as a reward on day 30.
And on thinking about 50th day dish it keeps me go on.


Give one time food to a beggar.

You will feel great.

I usually do this when things are going terrible against. The act of donation calms me down and makes me think ahead.

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