Wetdreaaaammss at last

Hey brothers , I am 33 days in nofap and I had my first wetdream in a long long time , and I wanted it to happen (I wish it happens more )
To all of you guys struggling out there know that the night is dark and full of terrors but the Sun is stronger than all , never lower your gaurd and I will not lower mine , onwards brothers
The story is that I woke up to find wet (soaking) pajamas and I thought it was a WD but I touched it and thought it was pee , to confirm it I went to the bathroom and confirmed by the touch and wiff method that it was a WD
Stay strong brothers :slight_smile:


Dear SIR,
I highly doubt your wd story.
In my experience we woke up at the time of ejaculation and we remember our dream which is mostly sexual.

But i am highly curious Why you wanted a wetdream . 99% of man here thinks wetdream as a problem. Interesting.

I was always under the impression that wet dreams were your body’s way of getting rid of old semen, and that it is natural the weir thing is I don’t think I’ve ever had one


Means he’s making progress

I always wanted to have continues wetdreams though they do get annoying sometimes (no reason for wanting it though )
And why would you doubt it

Dear Sir,
Thats why i doubt it.

I’m happy for you @aneeque444! A wet dream is a brilliant sign of a healthy functioning reproductive system :slight_smile: :+1:


Not every WD is a sexual one , even the internet says so bro (no offence meant☺)

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Thank you for the encouraging words brother

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