Went 17 days. Longest in 10 years. Now I can't get past 1. Any advice?

Literally anything would be great

Endure the pain and the urge one day at a time. Give it all you’ve got, because trust me, you havent tried everything yet. Be thankful for each day that you overcome pmo.

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This always happens to me when I fail
… It is like my brain wants me to think that starting tomorrow is always ok.
First days are always the hardest. I only calm myself after 4th day, till then urges are almost constant. To overcome them, I try to use a strong emotion, something that can stop me even when I’m in the brink of giving in.
I’ve ruined my marriage, my life because of fap addiction… I’m addicted since I was a teenager, and this destroyed my best years.
Believe me, no Fap is worth the effort

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Endure the discomfort the day after! Your ability to bear that slight discomfort the day after is crucial to be back on track. See that discomfort like a hangover.