Weird benefit of my journey

I passed that time on my streak when everything is a possible trigger, only very explicit fantasies can trigger me at this point.
What I noticed is i started to admire classic art pieces and contemporary photo art as well. I notice smaller movements and i look differently at the art pieces: everything is alive, everything has a story, everything has a distinctive composition. I even like to just simply looking at women’s parts, torsos even if it’s naked. I don’t consider it arousing, just simply admirably beautiful: the details, the little simple things.
My new pass time is to go to museums and galleries and exploring new artists. Weird. I’ve never would thought before :grinning: looking differently at the world while on this journey can mean multiple different things :grinning: have you guys noticed anything like that before? What’s your story?


Nofap completely changes your View of The World.
The New View is very beautiful & Relaxing.