[weir] Nofap Master Is Back

If you can see my activities you will get to know who I was in past.
I was porn-free a few years but now looks like I needed some journaling again…
I am slipping to P again…
I have done my best in my past…I will do well again

its been 10 hours since I M to P. Lets Make it full-fledged 30 days without M or P



I am with you ,sir.


That’s the spirit, I am 14 hours clean & you?


I am 6 hours clean😅.


Hold it don’t fall now…I am 20 hours clean now :grinning:


Cool :+1::+1::+1: :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

20 chairs


You with me na…

1 day clean…no p…no m

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In a few hours I will complete my 2 days…If anyone interested what tricks I am using to hold myself with first attempt after so many years then just ask

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Completed 2 days 5 hours :smiley:


Since starting NoFap from last 2 days my mind is shifted to watching movies now lol
So I am again being unproductive…decided no movies & tv shows too

So Nofap (No P No M)
No Movies
No TV Series

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Sure sir, please tell me.


Today completed 4 days & 20 hours…without even picking or edging for a minute,.,

here’s my secret…I will now explain in short if you want brief details then start asking questions

the answer is “Love

Yes In the past I fell in love with a girl but that time too I watched porn masturbated…but I start stalking her on social media…trying my best to attract her attention towards me… My love converted into a deep obsession the obsession you can imagine…day & night she is just on my mind…I attended no functions no death rituals nothing…she was on my mind all night & day

one day I got to know she has bf & all hail shattered…I started reading about seduction & start applying techniques to have her but as I was new that fell flat & she blocked me on IG…I begged her to unblock me beg to her like a pussy loser shithole person…all my dignity all my pride went into the gutter

I started reading about female psychology that lead me to the red pill that lead me to masculinity…

When I discovered about masculinity I felt my self strong like a superman who can do anything that he wants…that masculinity helped me fight porn & every urge I had

You guys won’t even imagine how bad dirty fetish porn I was addicted to…I didn’t even arouse on normal or extreme porn…my fetish was very absurd very extremist…yeah then only masculinity help me in past & now in the present same masculinity helping fight against porn

From pussy girl to real man I am achieving every dream I had…porn is nothing in front of me…due to the last few weeks I again fall into this trap & m 4 times only…but here I am again just to discipline myself again with same real masculinity which is making me 1% of 1% real man from all simps


Woah, i thought love only worked for me, i had my highest streak when i was in love.

Same happened with me and i choosed the wrong path


If you are still in love then its time to choose the right path


5 days 19 hours completed

8 days with 1 wet dream today

Though i am very ill from last 3 days but still wet dream happens today

8 days 19 hours
since I am ill zero libidos…which is working in favour of this journey

Day 12

now my scrotum is hurting…maybe because I don’t M…I will get some S now :slight_smile:

Blue balls.

Hats off to your determination sir keep going. You are doing really really great :fire::fire::fire:.


Amen. That just kinda shifted me for a moment.

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