Weekend Motivation


As the weekend approaches I am getting scared.
You see I relapse on weekends more commonly than any other thing.
I want to ask you guys to keep me motivated here through out the weekend.
So who can I count on?

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If you relapse on weekends alot it sounds like you might have too much free time on your hands. Find an activity or hobby you can do to get your mind off it.


It’s usually in the morning because all my family members are asleep and I’m up


Did you make it through the weekend without relapsing? If you don’t relapse on weekdays, can you keep doing those things on the weekends as well?


Go on a weekend getaway. Go on a hike. Do it!

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I relapsed on Sunday​:disappointed_relieved::persevere::persevere:


So how about now? You still relapse on the weekend?


Sadly, me too. But, let’s more to be strong again ! Me, you, and all of you guys !


Didn’t knew that even Hitler can get addicted to porn