Weakness a sign of dopamine withdrawal?

Firstly I apologise for asking so many questions here recently.

So I’m a powerlifter/bodybuilder and recently I’ve noticed I’ve been noticeably weaker in the gym plus I feel like I have a lack of “hype” to get me pumped up for a heavy lift. I’ve also noticed during the lifting I feel pretty lightheaded like I might black out.
Im not exactly sure when these symptoms started but they were definitely within the last week and I started Nofap around the exact same time.

Does this sound like dopamine withdrawal symptoms?


Yea, you will feel fine after the flatline you are going on.
Dont relapse, because you addict brain its trying you to do it.


OK thanks mate! It had me worried for a bit


What’s your streak?
Do you have anxiety depression issue
How’s your consumption of food increases or decreases

Listen dopamine is great but we all fucked him by giving our brain porn , instant gratification

5 days.

I had 1 panic attack 1 day ago but besides that I haven’t suffered from anxiety or depression in years.

As for my food consumption, it’s currently at 4200calories a day because I’m bulking.

Jogging will help a lot

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