We can do it together

I am not able to cross day 10, thinking to get some companions might help us all
My companion code: e6591a
Age: 16
Location : India
Hope we can together defeat this devil


Hey man you can do it! It’s good that you realized early in your life that this is something really bad for you, we are all in this together just fight each day at a time, this is my code 798fe5

Ok i hav added you. Hope you will also add me back
My code eec604

Heyy rahul this side from new delhi…age 22…code -925a61…i have added u.add me .lets have an competition .and see who will last longer

Ohk bro… challenge accepted :grin::ok_hand:

If u ever have an urge…u can always…contact me through updating yr satus…from which city r u

Add me as your companion and see
Code e6591a

My comapnion section was not working…feww minutes earlier but now i see u

We will win😎 and fap will lose

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Surely…aand definetly. Together we can…now here is a small trick in case u need it…u give an call when get an urge …i did this with few of mt friends and it definetly helps …mobile no (removed by admin)…u can also whatsappp.
Nice talking to u…lets begin this journey together

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Yeah bro surely i will…and wats ur age??

Turned 22 on 12 dec…now u can be proud of urself…ur competing with ur senoirs

Hello ready for change

If you are ready, so am I bro? So am I.


Add me:13877d let’s take a challenge

Showing invalid code brother… please share the correct one

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Sorry brother
Sharing code: 16e78e

Good Man
Sharing code: 266383
Add me let us take challenge nofap 2018

Add me bro I m Indian as well code 911904

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551d7a is my code.Please add me.

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