Ways to encounter feeling of numbness

I’m curious, does anyone experience the same mental/physical effect as I do?

So because of porn I often get this feeling of being numb, non-existing, it mostly shows by my head being just blazed out, and unable to catch thoughts and focus.

What I found, to help me get my shit together and focus even a little - I’m trying to move muscles under the skin of my head and forehead. It kind of gets me into the moment and help for realize how big stupid thing porn is.
Do you also experience the same?

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انا ايضا اعانى من تلك المشكله اشعر ان تفكيرى و تركيزى فى كل شىء مشلول لذا هذا من اعراض الاباحية على الدماغ

Write it In English please

Yep, its braing fog dude. Nofap will heal it.


I had brain fog for last 10 years & that too serious one, I unable to concentrate focus study, It literally changed my career but from last 77 days without any medication its healing