Ways to avoid the withdrawal symptoms

The easiest way to avoid going back to porn is to simply face the shit.
Accept that you want to stroke your tool now more then ever but you won’t bcoz it’s not what you aim for in life life is more about achieving mental peace rather than the bodily pleasure


I really need an answer why bodily pleasure is wrong. I mean of course PMO is terrible. But it’s because of the ways to achieve bodily pleasure. Not that bodily pleasure is absolutely wrong or disgusting.

Or maybe I still miss what is meant by mental peace

There is nothing wrong with pleasure. But living the life on the basis of pleasure is wrong. If you keep giving your body pleasure, it will ask for more , better pleasure, which might not be possible. Then what will you do if there is pain in your life?(and you know there will be pain)
So that is why body should be given only limited amount so that we can embrace life as a whole.