Wasted and Depressed.. Death is the only solution now

Yeah man, 12 days nofap I feel much better now.

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Bro, stop giving a damn about social media. It shows only good sides of life what make you believe that somebody is like this 24/7. Dont sacrifice all your attention to somebody, because that some is feeding on it. That girl is attention seeking. She collects guys like you who will tell her nice things. She wanna be occupied 24/7, because otherwise she feels worthless.

Who the fuck cares about number of likes? I barely get any likes. I have 0 posts on fb. I use it for chat only, but considering full quit.

Learn how to not give a fuck.


Life has much bigger and better purpose than girls . Get a job , find a good hobby, good friends. Life is not so bad.Try something new


Yes you can read it online, I mean you could download a pdf (that’s how I got it) bro read this book, it’ll make you re—think everything you have ever thought about your behaviours and what you think of your self. This book is an eye opener

Only person i trust with game is someone named Dr. David Tian. The rest of the red pill community only creates a persona and makes you fake.

Heyy. Sorry for the late reply dude, been busy. Yes I am familiar with his philisophy but have not read any of his works.

My name is inspired more by Viktor Frankl’s Mans search for meaning. when he’d lived through the days of the concentration camp. When everything was bleak and there was no hope. But somehow, man decided to give life meaning and keep going hence “one’s will to live” or to persevere.


Yeah man.

This is essentially what the book “The Subtle Art of Not giving a F***” by Mark Manson boils down to.

Human beings only have a limited amount of fucks to give. How many fucks can be spared by not obsessing over things that are out of our control? Such as other people’s approval who wont matter to you anyway?

Instead, the book teaches you to focus on the things that are important to you. Such as family, friends, your passions, goals, aspirations.


Indeed, cool book to sink in.

Look how many people want to help you, and i see some nice advices, try those advices and stop breathing your pain, are you playing with those answers? do you really want to change? Don’t act like her bro:

No one can help you but yourself.
No one can help you but yourself.
No one can help you but yourself.
No one can help you but yourself.

About the girl:

You should meet her face to face and to learn truly what kind of person she is
(if you didn’t already).
Stop looking at her stats, think about greater things and put yourself up first.
To be honest i don’t think that she is your type for now, girls wanted me but i just felt in all of those times that i am not ready and need to achieve very much before i will get a girl, that’s what i am doing now:
By putting myself first.

After the meeting, you can decide is she is worthy or not, don’t care about her stats it’s her life not yours, you will do it for yourself and not for her, to know finally who you really are.

But bro, simply don’t care what others think about you, stop it right now and set yourself free, then you will have a clear mind to start changing your life.
Very much of the fear and suffering is only in your brain, stop it right now, for you have only the NOW.
Mostly people don’t think about us, they have their own problems and they think about themselves.

If one person laughs at you, you don’t need to care, stay free and let them do their thing.
Think only what your BOSS thinks about your work and what LORD almighty thinks about you.
For they are worth it.

Start reading books and working out, find a purpose in life and don’t think what others have but start to get stuff on your own.
Get rid of the deppresion bro, simply get rid of it right now and stop thinking about death.
Do your three things right now bro and everything will come later.
I am just a random dude who is in a little bit better sitution then yours:

I think less what others think about me and put myself first.

And then after after death, judgement.




Bro, she’s my neighbor (about 100 meters away) so we see each other. She is so energetic, friendly and jolly. She seems nice and cared about my feelings. She is totally out of my league but she still mingles with me. Pick up artists advise online made me court her. But even though I was totally ashamed of what I’ve done, I still think that I might regret if I don’t give it a try. She knows that I was depressed cause I posted it on facebook story. She is sympathetic in silence everytime she sees me.

You were right, I am not really sure about her. To be honest, I just want to score with her. I feel bad cause I made her feel that I don’t want to see her anymore. I just realize that I can’t blame her cause she is a girl. It’s my fault why I got depressed cause I relapsed. This is just another mistakes that I learned in life.

I don’t know but everytime I read books/bible, I find this hobby boring. It just makes my entire body tickles and I can’t help myself but stop reading. Maybe because I have used to read books when I was just a child. Maybe because this is just my old hobby that’s why I don’t seems to enjoy it. I have changed myself so I need to find a new hobby. A hobby that my hands and entire body will enjoy.


If you’re truly rejected by her, then I suggest moving on man. Improve your life and focus on your potential.
Show her what your life can be!

Believe that you probably just put her on a pedestal since you think that she’s the “one”. Ive been in the same cases before. Now when I look at my past crushes, theyre not as great as I once thought/idealised.

A new hobby could be working out!

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What did you exactly say/do (from the PUAs) anyway if you don’t mind me asking?

The ultimate path is not to impress anyone but just be yourself. Thats truly the hardest part. If she truly want you, shed accept you warts and all.

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“The Subtle Art of Not giving a F***” sounds like a nice book.

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Too many, I will just mentions the few of them… PUA says that your voice should be dominant when talking to a girl and I did it but it just makes them pissed at me. Says that you should change the way you are and not be yourself. They even features the quotes from Einstein or Aristotle (I’m not really sure who it is) that “if you want to change the things that is happening to you, you need to change yourself the way it used to.” PUA also says that should not think that the girl is out of your league, either she is under or the same in your league.

I have followed all these advise that is why I courted her even though she is out of my league. I mean her profession is above me and she can do more things than me. In my mind though, I am aware that I am just doing an experiment to see if it works and that there’s a big chance that I will fucked up. They say that if you made a mistake, you will learn from it. So, next time that mistakes that you learn will not be repeated again. Now I made such mistakes and I’m done. I just realize that I don’t need PUA advise and nofap is the only solution.

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Aristotle’s virtue ethics is grounded on cultivating one’s character to become a moral person. To cultivate a good character, one must engage in moral actions which, over multiple repetitions, then becomes a habit. Those good habits is what forms good character. One of my favorite quotes regarding virtue comes from another philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.”

So the theory of NoFap isn’t a single act of not fapping once or twice, but a habit of not fapping. Easy to say, very difficult to do. But it’s definitely possible!

Here’s what I’ve realized about the PUA advice - they only work for people that possess a certain amount of social intelligence. If one lacks social intelligence, no amount of pick-up tricks or techniques will ever work. One question might be, how much social intelligence does one need? It’s different for everyone, but you’ll know you have enough social intelligence when you’re able to hold a conversation with others naturally without running out of things to say or feeling awkward when there’s a silent pause between conversation topics.


You think Your story is worse? Mine is a lot worse to the extent of thinking of cutting my penis and even committing suicide; but now I’m free; you know God did it? It didn’t require the whole Bible. God used this one verse that turned things around for me: 1corinthians10:13 that’s all you need for now bro meditate on it day and night, read the verse from different versions of the Bible, pray about it that God should show you the true meaning of the verse.

Sorry for the late reply.

Well, i didn’t know that she lives right next to you.
Yes take responsibilty over your sitution.
I’ve told you to give it a try and you do that.
She just lives in the world and left her comfort zone, you need to find a new hobby anything you want if you don’t like reading, you will be productive in that way.

Be more easy with yourself bro stop being sad and go out more, move out of your comfort zone and stop with this poison.
That’s the only way to make life more meaningful.



Thanks bro, for the first time in my life. Nofap completely changed me this year. I’ve been wanting to change myself long long time ago but I couldn’t figure out what to do. I don’t feel so much embarassment anymore unlike before I have not gotten out of my comfort zone. It’s a little awkard and uncomfortable for me but it’s worth it. My social interaction with people especially girls are a lot better now. No more mumbling and trembling. As of now aside from work, my current hobby is working out.


Sorry to hear that. I know that there are people out there who had a problem even worse than me. Thanks for the verse though, I have never seen this verse in the Bible before. It’s true, God will never allow a temptation far beyond for us that we cannot resist and He will not let us suffer that we cannot bear. For example, my addiction to masturbation long time ago can be resisted. I remember I keep telling to myself that I will stop but instead I keep falling for it and became a slave. For 14 years I didn’t know this was the reason why I suffered depression and social anxiety. Until I discovered nofap, without nofap I wouldn’t be able to change myself.

“Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.”

Now I know what I have become. No matter how many times I tell to myself that I will stop PMOing but I still keep falling for it because of my dirty thoughts.