Warm scrotum and testicular pain on streaks

Anyone else experience testicular pain/discomfort and warm scrotum when doing semen retention or on a long streak? Or just extra pressure down there?

When I was on day 4-5, I start to feel extra pressure down there. By day 20, it felt especially bad, like it really hurts.

I am new to this lifestyle and feel kinda lost. I have never experienced warm scrotum or testicular pain before :confused:


Did you edge or peek to porn during your streak? If yes then it will definately happen

Thanks for you reply brother! @nofapstar123

I edged a little bit :confused:

And sometimes I just get random erections for no reason.

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Yes edging causes it. I have experience this due to edging. I think its called blue balls

Thats a good thing bro. I think most of us here get random erections. Nothing to worry about

Don’t think about it much , just keep going

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Thanks for sharing your experience brother! @nofapstar123

I will keep going!

I think since I quit fapping cold turkey, my body still isn’t used to it – my body still expects multiple ejaculations per day and producing lots of semen fluid, hence the pain/pressure.

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