War begins between the urge and commitment

I regularly do exercise every single morning. Today I have a pain in my shoulder I thought to skip today and make a today a rest day. I am habituated to wake early morning. Today I wake up get back to sleep, this is the moment where devil comes to your mind. If I do my regular exercises then I would busy in my activity, but whenever your mind is in ideal mode then that’s the moment when all devil’s comes to your mind. Today I survived this in anyway… By resist myself. I have learned that don’t sit ideal do some work. Try to busy yourself… Don’t let that devil a chance to hinder your goal.


@Sujay786 Ya, I can feel you, I believe you can overcome this painful situations. Fight the battle you are going to win soon.

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Thank you so much… This community helps me so much… Everyone share their stories some share their tips… I beleive I can achieve my goal and everyone can achieve their.

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Let’s fight the battle together. Stay strong.


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