Wanted 5 super focused individual

I had a lot of accountable partners but just wasn’t doing it for me. So deleted all of them and starting again
Only keeping 5 super focused individual
Sharing code - 95c109
Current steak - 37 days
Highest steak - 37 days
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - India
Current goal 90 days+
PM me

Bro I am ready for this challenge . I am on day 64 and my code is 1861da . I added you . Let’s do it together

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Add me.
Code: 246211.
Day: 33 and …Hard mode.
Goal: Abstain masterbation for life long. Abstain sex during bachlore life. Not watching porn ever. Hard mode.


I also try to go hardmode since 9 days. I am 24years old and now on my longest streak. My goal is of course to reach the 90 days. This is my code 58b905.


I have added all of you guys! Let’s go!