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Guys I don’t edge and also it’s not like I’m looking forward to it, but still I have a doubt. Does edging cause erectile dysfunction? And if not… Are there other issues that can take place because of edging?

Edging can cause blue balls, you can read many such cases on this forum too.

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Do balls get blue in that case??
What exactly it is?

No no, blue balls is a condition when the semen gets released from the testis but doesn’t come out and gets stuck in between. It happens when you partially ejaculate but stop before full ejaculation (mostly happens when edging). This condition causes pain in the testis and only way to fix it is to masturbate so that the semen can be released. Long Lasting blue balls can cause infection and then operation has to be done. So, it is a dangerous stunt.


Hey @vickyx
If anybody masturbate and didn’t release the semen. Is there any possibility that he might get blue balls?

Yes there is possibility that he might get blue balls.

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What is difference between this Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation…??
Can anybody tell me
When these happens in which condition?

Erectile dysfunction refers to a situation when your dick stays puny even when you’re going to have an intercourse. Basically it is an inability to do sex.

Premature ejaculation is totally opposite of erectile dysfunction, in this situation your body ejaculates before even doing anything sexual. For ex - you’re going to have intercourse and your dick becomes erect and suddenly you ejaculate before even doing anything.

Note - The two conditions can’t coexist because of obvious reasons.

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Thanks @vickyx again my friend to help me out.
From this I understood that I have little chances that I have ED, may be because of excessive Masturbation/porn consumption
It won’t won’t erect with light simulation by me. But in other conditions it’s totally fine.

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It can also happens due to physical and psychological conditions like stress, anxiety, depression etc. And it is self diagnosable so not to worry about that.

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Thnx bro … actually I read on the internet a lot of advantages of edging . But I know internet is full of misleading articles .
Thanks again