Want female companions to motivate

I am a female and I want a female companion to stop my urges. I want a companion to get motivated each other.
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Female 21 M
This is my first day


I think man or girl it doesn’t really matter , the push will be the same …
Because we are all here for suffer of any kind of addiction , don’t worry we will be a support and trying to help what ever what you feel of worse things , or for this over blaming that uge things around you , but you have to take a great desion now : enough is enough
Before anything

Welcome to you , don’t lose this sound of finding yourself as you want .


I don’t know if there is any difference fighting the same urges.


no offense, what does 21 M represents? @Aish
This is a platform where we openly share our troubles and put smiles on each other life by means of supporting or providing a helping hand. Other way around, secrets can be misutilised and take away someone’s smile, career and family. Do you think specifically gender matters ? I hope you got my point Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


Really :roll_eyes::flushed: I just got out of the picture and not only this I feel something wrong but about f and male I didn’t get it , thanks for drawing my attention to this too @wall-e

@Aish we don’t want anything but to stay away from anything seduces .
So if you want to fight you have to be brave with this .


Lol i just scrolled down to see if anyone noticed this :joy::joy::joy::joy: