Want at least two companion in 18 to 25 age who do not use any abusive language

Sharing code - 7u7r0s*

Current streak - 0 days*(according to app)
Highest streak - 0 days *(according to app as I am new to this platform but I have about 10days of streak)
Age - 20
Gender - M
Location - india

Why I want a companion - * I want to create this group in order to control my urges and sharing problems with them and will motivate each other for making a new high streak


I’m 22 male that’s willing to support people and help if want and willing - Sharing Code: ixngs2


Cs: 1 day
His : 25 days
Code - a5ssyg
Age -17 , M

Add me , let’s beat This shit

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Someone had posted something quite similar to this. The title was nearly the same. I advise against it because it is wrong.
You shouldn’t have companions of the opposite gender when you’re struggling with nofap.
It’s a subtle yet obvious trap. You’ll focus more on the ones of the opposite gender and not only ruin what you’re working for, but theirs.
The adversary is deceiving and always looking for someone to devour. There is no need for someone of the opposite gender.
Stick with your same sex gender group and focus on beating the addiction not working with it. Because if you let it control, your doomed.
Instead I recommend reading this book:


Hm :roll_eyes: let’s see if it happens as you’ve planned…

Name - Nihar
Scode - lll833

@nihar I updated my sharing which is 7u7r0s.If you want to join my journey you can.

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Thats very true! @Yitzchak

You can add me bro: xaqyw2
Male: 22
Current streak: 2 days
Longest : 1 month

Current streak - 52 days
Age -16
Code -18k565

Bro can you add me. Lets beat this together.my code is rfqst6 :v::muscle:age :18

Sharing code- p7wcxb
Age- 17 (turning 18 in a couple of months)
Streak - 6 days and still going strong

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Bro i m in I am also from India new delhi add me to your companion my sharing code is j72kiv my age is 21 waitin for ur reply

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