Want a competitor or a true faithful challenger

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Why I want a companion - there is none of my friend want to stop fap, they think its ok and i dont know about their freq. But i am fed with this and with my mind set… my mind is not in my control and it feels horrible to me but cant stop fapping… i know…if there is someone who is doing same thing with me and it like competition to me then i can do anything… thats y i want a serious comapnion…


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So howdo we do this???

I just lost my streak after 65 days and watched lots of Porn. i am coming back to my streak and need a faithful partner that is spiritual and constantly learning new things. If you are ready for it then you can be certain I will help make NoFap a lifestyle.

You can do this brother.

If competition is what you want, you got it.

My code i2l49t

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