Wanna leave this habit..😓

How can I get rid of this habit…Guys please help me out…:sob::sob::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage::sweat::sweat:


Hi there start by working on re training your brain, focusing on other things, i started going to the gym, to remove all this negative energy its helping, also read as much on the message board everyone is here to help us.
Good luck my friend
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Are you male or female because if you are female then it’s so easy
I have seen so much up and down and currently on day 64 my sharing code is: b5m3hr


It’s all up to you guy. Nobody in these forums can or will hold your hand through this process. The last say is yours.


I am a female. I am trying a lot but always I just relapse even if i don’t want to do . My longest streak is 35 days and just after it I relapsed​:sob::sob:. I Am keeping on to lose my battle again and again.:sob::sob:

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@nzeenat18 You may take some help from @iwillsucceed1. She is on a day 50+ hard mode streak.


You may feel more homely with girls idk, at present… @Natalia is at her highest streak.

What I find is, girl or boy or unicorn, there is no magic pill but just some simple steps. The challenging part is to follow them when force of habit to relapsw takes over the mind. Things you already know like:

  • have a routine
  • include specified times foe sleeping, eating, and exercising
  • write in a journal, think on paper
  • meditate and go out in nature
  • socialize and dont use too much social media
  • pray and/or find something higher than yourself to dedicate your endeavors toward

and all this will seem like fruitless tasks and not life-enriching activities that fulfill your life unless you abolsutely decide to and do surrender to them and love and want to change your life for the better.

We are where we are entirely because of our choices. And we can simply choose another kind of life than the one we are currently living. As Nietzsche said… one who has a why to live for, can bear any how.

Who am I to talk and give advice? My best track record was when I lost count of the days… before starting nofap in mid 2016, when I was happiest, wake up and the day started with a bang and didnt end until I was completely exhausted. After counting… I did back to back 50 days with 1 relapse in the middle… great improvements in that period. Lately, Ive been quite stubborn and unlearning - and I write this to remind myself that there were indeed awesome days and theres no reason why my future cant be glorious even more so than in the past. But I need to comply to reality.


“Follow when force of habit to relapse takes over”

Epic :pray: Thank You. This would work as a great mantra


After Starting this journey specially in this streak I have become more religious I don’t miss any pray Namaz , if I forgot to pray then before sleep I pray remaining Namaz

I am also listening to Gabe dawg on YouTube he is awesome provide information about nofap with humour, I am in my 68 days journey trying to train my mind to adapt true knowledge so that in front of urge I will be in my control

If you are interested I can describe more

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Me toooooo
Ineed adviceeeeeee

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Thank you soo much…