Wanna do no fap but relapse daily

Please help me I am masturbating daily please help me I wanna do no fap but can’t control porn

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Bro, first of all just believe you can. The journey starts from there. At least for me it did.

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Have in mind that the first days might be somehow difficult.

In my case I try to avoid staying at home when I’m having a ‘crisis’. And try to focus on another thing when the urge comes.

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But bro I can’t last 12 hours

But bro how to focus on other things

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What is your age?

Good boy

Okay, bro answer these questions…

  1. How old are u?
  2. what is your daily schedule?
  3. How badly are you addicted?
  4. Why do u want to quit?

Don’t blame yourself, I know what you feel.

When I used feel those crisis I was alone at home, and very sad and depressed.

Don’t be alone. You certainly have friends there. Call them. Talk to your relative about every other thing. And in case this compulsion lasts longer a good psychologist can help assuming that every compulsion is a symptom of something else.

I used to go therapy and it helps.

This forum also helps, a good companion.

16 years old 23 Jan my birthday

Focus on other things in life… Play games like sudoku chess to distract yourself

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I am 16 my daily schedule is nothing I wake up at 6-8 am approx than start masturbating at 12-5 pm and then masturbating at night 10-12 pm I am not that highly addicted I can stop this from some days I sleep alone so I get urges
Reason why I wanna quit is I am too skinny and height is also not that long just 5.3 feet because of no semen in my body


That’s a nice Idea dev

Okay bro, first of all I am actually stunned to see you masturbating 7hrs a day… Next up is you are 16 so you will definitely have other things to do like studies.
Bro, try to cut it down for the first week. Like now u can reduce it to 1 time in 3 days or if its too hard, then try abstain for at least 1 day. This way your mind won’t enter the seeking mode easily and you will automatically start to see the difference.


And yes pls read this book when you have time:


This is a link to a book that helps u quit.

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Thanks man you helping me a lot

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Bhai mene itne message kiye tujhe motivate krne ke liye pr tu muthii ki chutti nhi kr pa rha he :joy::joy:

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Bhai kuch din tak control hota hai bas

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Kitne din tak ho rha hai control bhai

Better you change your room , choose a room where your family members go more frequently,so that everyone can see you , if you will have a feeling that they all can watch you ,then you won’t do that and will sleep early. I also relapsed a lot at night but once my father came in my room and i was mast*rbatin and he saw me and turned the lights on, and i was acting like i was itching my private area :man_facepalming::joy: . From that time i stopped fapping at night.