[WalkWithoutFear] A Warriors journal 2022(go beyond)🔥

Crazy how things turned out this time with my GF. She didn’t care about me and lacked any communication skills. It was hard but I had to let her go because she didn’t seem to care about me and her attitude to only be the one cared for. It’s really toxic. Anyways for that reason I was depressed the following days. I know it’s a contradict since I’m the one who broke it off but the truth is I still miss the times we spent together but I know we had many arguments that lasted for days on a consistent basis and to be honest I don’t know how I managed to handle it for that long haha but it’s because I’m patient. After explaining to her I expected her to reach out to me and to apologize and fix her behavior but again I know people can’t be fixed who am I to say that. Emotional baggage relationships need to stay away from here. In a way I feel sad for the time I wasted as well over a woman who didn’t seem to care and the red flags that were in front of me i just passed it off because I didn’t want to be seen as arrogant or someone who is cold hearted. But the truth will eventually be seen. For now I’m healing my wounds. Might get a barbell or make homemade weights to get myself in the right mentality. :pray::fire:

Day 1 Nov. 10 2022
10:33 P.M.
It’s night time here now. Just wanted to write I am focused now on improving myself. I don’t want to fail another month so I will focus. God Bless my journey. I won’t rely only in my own willpower. I feel fresher after a nice shower I took today. It’s officially winter here so I am eating really well here. Drinking protein shakes and I just got done from workout today as well about 2 hours ago for 40 minutes. Forgetting about day 0 and when I relapsed because that was crazy and the ex I had because she never cared for me. I finished making homemade weights to using water bottles I will post in social media sometime when I have free time. Anyways tomorrow I will drink maca shake since it replenishes testosterone as I have heard and calm my mind in the same time before work. Another day to kill. Warrior time.:pray:

Day 1
Beginning NO PMO again. Coming out as a champ this time. Focus and routine is the word of the month. I relapsed alot in day 0 but let’s forget it and move forward. More power to my manpower. Put it towards productivity. :fire::pray: