Walking through a dark phase in life

I was practicing no fap since 6 month but yesterday I relapse and I am very depressed and I can’t stop myself from watching porn and stuff. Any help would be deeply appreciated

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Don’t let it keep you down! I will say the things that have helped me. When you feel urges go for a walk, take a cold shower, workout, get off of your phone or anything that might help you relapse, get on this app and talk to people or just read other peoples journeys.

This app has been amazing for me the past 6 days, there have been times I didnt get past 3 days without relapsing.

We are going to fall but lean on others to help you fight!!! You got this find your happiness dont let this put you in a dark place! I have been there! You are already in the right place and taking the right steps by using this app!!! Let’s defeat this thing together!!!


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