Walk straight down a curvy street

If someone asked you to walk straight through curved streets, how would you do it?

Some may say that it is impossible, others may say that it is just walking normally, right? “It can’t be that difficult” But although simple, just walking straight would get you off the street, you would cross the line and lose the curve.

“So you mean I have to be soft to be able to make the turns?” No, you can go straight no matter how twisting the streets are without getting out of the track, and for that be possible you must be flexible. Stay straight while your feet guide the direction and no matter how curved the street is, you will never have to change your posture to cross it.

How is your posture? Can you face the curved paths of life without change your posture? Or do you end up going straight and getting out of the track every time?


Inspiring and thoughtful.