VPN apps trick me always


Hello everyone, Im a new member here and the reason for that is to find a solution to my biggest relapse problems which is VPN apps

Usually, when i feel a strong urge by seeing some pics or thinking about erotic ideas I immediatly download a VPN app to reach porn sites regardless i have blocked my browser to enter adult sites with the openDNS method but the only way to have access is to use VPN
Always i lie to myself telling that it gonna be my last time

For that, I hope someone helps me with an effective solution for ex: a vpn app who prevent you from entering those poisonous sites Or a way to block them so i can’t see and reach and download them anymore from Play Store (android user)

Thanks in advance guys greetings to you :heart::raised_hands:


The thing what we have to realize is: it is not the VPN which is the problem. Neither is it the girls in short pants or the sexy add. It’s not porn or having spare time.
It is us, not being able to handle, accept or see our emotions.

You will never have a system, which completely prevents you from watching P
And even if you had one, it would be of no use. As soon as you had a computer without the VPN you would relapse. You could be clean for 1 year but in the very moment where you opened a porn out of stupidity, you would be back in the addiction.

Forget all the censuring and blocking. Download a regular safe browser or k9 which keeps you from a slip out of an impulse and work on your real problem. Only if we change our way to cope with our feelings, we will be able to change our addiction.

Sorry that I can’t give you an easy solution

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You’re right in every single word u said
Thanks for the k9 browser i will try it
Hope we will overcome those urges im happy to use this app
Looking forward to the counter

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