Vortexkickers Thanksgiving Challenge Entries closed

Understood. Your category hasn’t changed

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@Vortexkicker relapsed twice

November 20th updates

Cooked Turkeys
@ChristianMan (-9)
@Kuba521 (-8)
@Vortexkicker (-1)

Wild Turkeys
@piyushchandak (1)
@Ryanthelion (4)
@anon3047577 (6)

Master Turkeys
@ASH1267 (10)

November 21st

Each relapse starting today is negative 4.

I see a few relapsed.

Cooked Turkeys
@Kuba521 (-12)
@ChristianMan (-8)

Wild Turkeys
@Vortexkicker (0)
@piyushchandak (2)
@Ryanthelion (5)
@anon3047577 (7)

Master Turkeys: None

Alpha Turkey
@ASH1267 (11)

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I’m sorry for not updating the last few days.

I lost track of time and have been extremely tired the last few days.

I am canceling this challenge.

I’m sorry if anyone is disappointed.

I am grateful for everyone’s participation.

@Kuba521, @anon3047577, @Ryanthelion, @piyushchandak, @ASH1267 @ChristianMan

@ASH1267, great job for being at reaching the highest rank.

@ChristianMan, @Kuba521, and I would have been eliminated.

And I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately for me, my Dad is going to the hospital today due to an infection in his left foot

and his big toe is randomly bleeding. I put gauze on it and cleaned it up as best I could.

If anyone wants any updates message me.


It’s okay! Hope you have a good thanksgiving and that your dad gets better.

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hey thanks
n happy thanks giving
hope your dad gets better n you all celebrate thanksgiving happily

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