Vortexkickers Poem

Before the pandemic,
My knowledge on sex
Was smaller than a hamick.

When 2020 came
I wasn’t the same.
My loneliness grew
And my heart filled with pain.

I fell in this hole
And had no idea
That a dancer on a pole
Would be my new addiction here.

Porn hit hard
And my balls ran out
Then I felt scarred
With no way out but to pout.

Then I got new job
And found this app
Only to learn my soul was being robbed
Because porn is crap.

I ended the sites
And still continue to play
To wrongful images
That plague my screen.

Because my brain
Is so addicted
It wants more dopamine
Than I could have predicted.

Now in conclusion
I ask for a friend
Who will message me daily
Until I can put this addiction to its end.


:clap::clap::clap::clap: This is really good! Glad you decided to finally put something out there!!


Thanks @ChristianMan. It took like no effort me at all. It came to me in the shower.


Very epic bro. :man_dancing:

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Thank you. @pingpong1.


This is great ty for Sharing!

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@SirTryHard you are welcome, sir.

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