Vortexkickers new diary

October 9th 4 31 p.m.

I am starting a new diary.

@Binocular, @Aemond2379, @Samaranjay, @Paulie, @ChristianMan, @Nova7, and @Ryanthelion, I want you guys to follow this diary.

Anyone else is welcome to follow.

I relapsed an hour and a half ago. Reason was that a thought that was not mine said PORN NOW.

And then I want to porn.

I am seeing a pattern. I only relapse on Sundays Wednesdays and Fridays.

It would greatly help me if someone would message me on these days to help prevent relapse.

Please I ask for anyone to message me on here on those days.

@wall-e you once asked what you can do. Message me. It will help me. I need conversation to keep my mind busy.


Serious question: If several of us slept together, (as a group) would the temptation be reduced or not?

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Hi @Vortexkicker :blush:
Nice to now that you started your first diary :tada:
Sure, I will message you if it’s possible for me at those days but you must also make an effort too
Good luck on your everyday journey :fire:.

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Yeh, not sleeping alone would reduce the urges a lot brother.


It would reduce. But i never experienced a sleep iver when I was a kid.

Now as an adult unless its a girl I want to make love to probably going to be uncomfortable having guys sleeping over with me especially in my bed.

@Binocular, thank you very much.

I will try harder. My journey will be updated here.

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I make the following comment with no intention of offending anyone:

I think our sexual orientation would also influence the matter.

Dude, I don’t understand what you mean. Could you please say it in other words?

@MarcosRDC. I don’t know how to socialize.

I see guys sleeping together as homosexual.

Children usually experience sleep overs. I never did.

If someone is going to sleep with me, I want it to be a beautiful woman.

Well, it’s your tastes and it’s your opinion and I respect it. Many of us have no problem sleeping with men, (of course as long as it is just to sleep and nothing else) but well, your opinion is respected, my friend.

Its been six hours since my relapse and I am feeling a delayed anxiety.

Are you tempted to do it or how do you feel?

I always desire sex porn and masterbation.

I relapse ever 2 days or 48 hours.

After a relapse I feel anxiety. Sometimes immediately sad or delayed nervousness.

They make me want every night. I usually combat it by studying BEFORE the temptation comes or maybe seeing a movie. The idea is to distract the mind so that there is no room for anything else.


Yesterday I relapsed after a 40-something day streak. I felt miserable, and the chaser effect got to me. I relapsed again today. I looked at some websites and videos that really helped:

I think I could do with some accountability partners. But I don’t really think I have the time to spend on this forum. I hope you can find some real value out of the links I posted here, though. I’ll be praying for you guys on your journey!

Also, if any of you are wondering why I relapsed, it was because I wasn’t staying busy and exercising. Now that I have something to change that I am in control of, I feel more motivated than ever. I can and will be free from PMO, and if I relapse again, I will find the reason why and grow even stronger because of it. I also need to work on my self control. As a Christian, I believe it is the most important fruit of the spirit.

I am still experiencing the chaser effect right now, and if you guys could check in with me over the next couple weeks, I would appreciate it. After I am free from the chaser effect, should be smooth sailing!

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Or you can yourself message any of us.
What would be better is to message or call any of your real life friends and have a normal conversation.

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I am also there for you dude. If I can, I will text you…

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@Samaranjay, I dont have any friends besides those I met in this app.

So I am extremely limited on any social experiences.

I wish I had a friend in person but that never happens either.

For my diary, I am at a 2 day streak. Im not doing well on the cell phone decreases screen time challenge having failed that for a week in a row.

I use my phone too much.

At least there were no triggers these last 2 days.

Hopefully it can continue that way.

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Fir limiting mobile you can look for Digital detox app by Urbandroid, you can even whitelist some apps you want to use.

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I chose to relapse this morning.

Now im late for work.

I had a horrible day at work yesterday and regret not doing my job differently. I listened to my boss and if I ignored his direction I would had a more productive day.