Volunteers needed for NoFap experiment

Hello everyone,
I was once active in the forum, but most of you don’t know me anyway.
The reason why I’m writing this is because I am currently organising a study on the effects of NoFap on a variety of topics, such as health, libido, social interactions and so on.
The ultimate goal would be to collect enough data to write a scientific article, that could then be sent to publishers, to inform the whole world about the positive effects we’re experiencing in NoFap.
I have created a range of tests and controls, some to be done everyday, other less often. The only material you will need to do these tests is a measuring band and a smartphone. I estimate the time to complete these tests on a regular basis ro be around 5 minutes.
The experiment’s initial length is 15 days, but it could be stretched if we encounter interesting data that requires more time to be confirmed.
It is important to understand that, the more people engage in this study, the more credibility it will have for the scientific community. It is essential for us to participate in this kind of initiative, to inform people more widely about a still unfamiliar topic.
If you are interested in taking part, please let me know by texting me. I will then give you the tests, resources and protocoles you need to perform the experiment on yourself. ALL DATA COLLECTED WILL STAY STRICTLY ANONYMOUS. You will NOT see your name upon any sheet of paper or next to any number in the study.
So please let me know if you guys are interested, I cannot emphasize the importance of that kind of study.
I wish you all the best,


We need studies like this to be conducted!

Great work man, I definitely support this.


Welcome back brother,
I am your old friend… Resurgent.

Message me about your requirements.

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Wow, so long bro…
I ll send you the documents, but I just need an email adress. Thank you so much for volunteering!

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I volunteer for the test @Pierretomas181

Thanks so much man! Please send me an email adress so that I can send you the experiment sheet! We volunteers are working for all our brothers at once, and the motivation this gives us is unmatcheable.
Thank you again, for all NoFappers!

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