Visionary_18's Journal

Hi nofap brothers and sisters ,

2020 has been a Disaster year for me in the last 4-5 years in terms of productivity. In 2020 I became addicted to this PMO around the beginning of February, and fapped till July 2020 , as I couldn’t see any negative effects and did my work along with pmo . But in August 2020 I realised my focus is decreasing and I’m becoming less concerned about my health .That’s when I decided to nofap and realised how tough it’s to stop this .

I decided to nofap whole 2021 , but I broke my streak on 9th day.
This disease took a lot from me mentally and physically , but now it’s time to be free .

Let’s leave this mofo addiction and live to our max potential. :fist:
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24th March

:stopwatch:Wake up at 8
:stopwatch:Cold showers
:stopwatch:Work for at least 6 hrs
:stopwatch:1 hr video game in evening
:stopwatch: Easy peasy audio book before sleep
:stopwatch: RC entry


I relapsed today , feeling pathetic. The day started good with exercise and cold showers but then urges kicked in, I took the the cold showers but urges again kicked in after 3-4 hrs and I relapsed.

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I’ll start again from tomorrow. I’m sick of this disease and looking at women with lustful and dirty thoughts . I want to be free from it . I don’t want that I become a zombie with lustful eyes and with no respect for women .
Ill do daily check in my diary and my schedule also.

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So I relapsed few hours ago . My life is complete mess , it seems I’m trapped in a dark room with no one to help and I’m shouting but no one is here to hear me , not even in this forum . I’m feeling destroyed by myself.

I hope my this struggle will be over soon and I will be free some day .

I have to keep myself Up , in last 1-2 months I literally lost myself with nothing to do everyday , just waking up and watching TV whole day and then phone and then the day ends .
I’m little bit gaining courage to stand on my feet again after a long time , hope I succeed.

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Shit , I relapsed again in the evening . Will complete whole easy peasy today before sleeping ,.

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Yeah , Finally I Completed 25 days today and broke my highest streak of 21 days … … This time I will not go to that shit again and focus on my work …

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Bro if you don’t mind I would like to say that gaming is also a sign of addictive behavior. I myself once decided that only for half hour I will play games but I ended up playing around an hour extra and I couldn’t focus so recently I deleted all my video games (45gb’s of total) and now I rather play chess and carrom for that time.

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