Vision 2024 : AKHAND BRAHMACHARYA - Join the PMO is POISON movement. Write "PMO is Poison" everyday on my diary and brainwash yourself into hating it

By the way I am in this weird Phase of sudden urges and sudden Depression. I need to Stick with it. And need to remind myself that because of my atupidity in the past, I am going through this Shit. :slight_smile:


NOFAP should not be your ultimate goal in life. NOFAP is just the means to achieve other very important goals in life.

So think twice, what you really want to achieve


What is your ultimate Goal ?

I can’t disclose it here in public, but ultimately I don’t want to die as an average or a liability to the society.


Day 5 Evening 16062020

Guys you all Here are Badass Motherfuckers. And so am I. I didnt fap today. Isnt it amazing ?

How cool is that Guys. 5 days. Wohoooooo !!!
I am a Badass. I hate PMO. PMO fills me with disgust and Makes me vomit. Imagine earthworms all over your Body. Does that feel you with disgust ? Exactly That’s The Feeling I Get When I think of fapping. Such a waste. I Love my Life And want to Challenge, Push myself And be the best Version of myself. Contribute to the society in a meaningful way. Motherfuckers you better Buckle Up. I am coming hard this time.

Reminder to self : This is a do or die Situation now. If I fap, I will Post my real picture on the group and Share ln LinkedIn to Ruin my Future career opportunities. I lnow this might Sound Strange. But I think this is what is Holding me accountable. Probably If I Tell to me Family, they would understand And try to Help me. But The Reality is they cannot. Even If they try. I need to figure IT Out for myself. This is MY SHIT. I Deal with it. And tje way I do it is I RUIN MY LIFE If I FAIL. Failure IS Not an Option. I wanna succeed as bad as I wanna breathe.

Cliche ?

Yes, but That’s what will Bring me To 365 days. Of course there are days When I feel like Shit. But I will Not fap,I will Go for a run or even Listen to music or Eat Junk to Get Hits of dopamine if needed in the Worst Case. But never will I in my wildest Dreams, fap. That’s The last Resort.
So fuck you. Dream big And achieve your god dann Dreams. How much will you fap huh ?

Ich wünsche euch einen Schönen Abend.
Bis dann !!


Day 6 Morning (17062020)

Something is wrong. I slept 3 hours more Düring the Day Yesterday. And also 3 hours more in the morning. I feel super tired. I think I am flatlining severely. But I will Go through it. This phase comes every time. I am Feeling sleepy all the time. I am sleeping all the time. This is bad. But probably it was PMO that did it to me in the first place. But this is Just the beginnjng thete will be more Challenges along the way and I will Beat them all. PMO is such a shitty thing to do. i will NEVER EVER fap again. This shit sucks. I hate PMO. I Love NoFap


Just checking in because I forgot to Tell you Something.

I hate PMO


Day 6 Evening.

Was a bit tough. I think I wrote about how sleepy I was. Part of it was because I didnt Recovery yet from the Leg Day haha. But fuck it. Its ok that I slept. I am Only human. What would Not be okay is If I fapped. Hahahahaha. Funny how I use it If and fap in the same sentence, knowing that its not even a possobility. It’s not an Option. Fapping is a Fixed variable And is Set to false. No. Not even an option. I DO NOT FAP. AND NO, FAPPING IS NEVWR AN OPTION FOR YOU TOO. REMINDER FOR YOU !! If you want success as bad as you want to breathe, you will succeed. Do You want to be free as Bad as you want to breathe ?
And yes, I would want to have a Woman in my Life of course. But I am not focussed on that anymore. I am focussed on Being my best Version and people And circumstances will Just come to me.
I am a Beast !! pornography And the very idea of naked women in Digital Screens fills me with disgust Just like people liking shit Like ice cream.
Sorry for the extreme graphic imagery that I am portraying lately. But this is what I feel for porn. When you think of porn, there should Not be a single Feeling of pleasure or a thought of pleasure associated with it. You should LITERALLY feel like vomiting When you think of it. Associate negativity to it !! Good night. I will come Back to you again tomorrow morning.
Fap-> Personal Details shared here-> Posted on LinkedIn -> Career ruined-> No goals-> No Money-> Death
Fap-> ED-> No girl -> No Sex -> Depression-> Death

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Day 7 Morning (18062020)

Hi. Good morning. It’s the 7th Day Guys. :slight_smile: I am glad I reached here. PMO is not even an option for me now to be honest. In case I think of fapping today, I would have to remember that I would need to Post my Picture and Personal Details on The group and at The Same time Post on LinkedIn.
Good that its not an Option now. Otherwise I would be devastated. I have to do it this time. If I think about it seriously, it is Actually now or never. This is the Last Chance. The one Shot I have. I hate PMO.


Keep going with this attitude bro. Success is sure.

BEASTMODE :muscle::muscle::muscle:

This is for you :point_down::point_down:


You are doing really good brother… keep it up :+1:

If anyone write…I hate pmo… daily for that much time… then surely an image developes in subconscious brain that he actually hate PMO.

I think this tip can work for those who had nightfall dreaming watching…P or dreaming M.


Day 7 : Evening
“Hahahahaha.” I laughed so hard as the PMO Monster angrily looked at me deep into my eyes trying to scare me again. I looked back at him And looked Deeper into His eyes. He was dead inside. As i looked more closely it started to diminish. It constantly started to shrink more And more till it disappeared. And at that moment I realized that PMO never really existed. It was a problem because I made it a problem. I laughed so hard because I was afraid of my own Shadow And not PMO.

With this, I hate PMO. It disgusts me to The core. I hate it Really. It is the Worst Thing ever. And it is funny that I wasted so much time on it. I hate this Shit. You know why ?

Because I fucking Love myself. The two Things cannot coexist. You either love PMO or love yourself. If you Love yourself, you learn to hate PMO. If you hate yourself you love PMO.

And finally the good News again for you : I DID NOT FAP TODAY. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF !! BECAUSE THESE DAYS ARE A BIT CHALLENGING !! AND YET I DO NOT FAO ANYMORE. I mean its not even an Option for me anymore ! When I feel like PMOing, I Just Look deep into His eyes And laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHAJAHAH


Day 8 : Morning 19062020

Woke up late. But I am Here to make a declaration. I would never ever ever fap again. And definitely Not today. The only time a semen drop would come Out of my dick would be with a woman. Because It’s too Precious to be wasted Otherwise. If for some reason a wet dream Happens, I wont punish myself because That’s Not in my Control. But anyway, i wont FAP toda or ever. In fact I hate the very idea of fapping or PMO. It fills me with disgust and makes me feel like throwing Up. Again every single cell of my body is disgusted by it. I hate PMO. I hate PMO. I hate porn. I hate masturbation. I hate orgasm. And i would never even think of doing it. I have a few big Goals to accomplish. The Deadline is coming closwr And closer. Need to Buckle Up And Get to Work.

If there comes a point that I relapse (hahaha. Not even in my wildest Dreams), i would have to Post my Personal Picture Here And Share The truth about my addiction on LinkedIn snd die. This is the absolute Last Chance. I am 26 already. And i want Results with my Goals. Of course It’s hard. But I will die trying.

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Wow bro, you are fighting like a beast. You can do this. I strongly believe you will never fap, you will never do mus*****, you never ever need to post your photo here. Your bright life is coming to you. Be strong and keep fighting.:muscle:


Yes not saying it is easy. I Just am willing to burn for it now.


Listen Motherfuckers. I am Feeling angry And frustrated because of Work related Issues but would Not fap. As IT IS Not an option for me. Thank you assholes for the encouragement ! Fuck you PMO !! Fuck porn. I am gonna handle everything Like a Leader. I am gonna be a fucking Leader and act Like one. Not Like a pussy.


Day 8 Evening 19062020

Negativity These days. Frustrated today. Normally I enjoy my Work But today was frustrating. Really frustrating. I was Stuck with a Problem. And have a Deadline coming soon. It’s Part of the process I know. It does Not have to be fun all the time. But yeah, I feel angry. And a bit disapponted as Well after the Day because I Really I domt Really have much of a Life now beyond Work. And my Work is also Not permanent. I need to rebuild my social Life. Need to Look into e ery opportunity that I can to Get around people. And especially women. It’s important to Focus on this aspect of my Life as Well. I cannot deny it. Or Keep ignoring it. It IS important to Put myself Out there. And around women And people in general. Social skills are something one needs to Practise regularly. I need to be charismatic And Put myself Out there.

I think I need to Get Results this Year. I am Fed up of working on myself And Not Get Results.
I have to be excellent in every area of my Life. For Fucks sake. I need to be excellent in my work And Future Business. I need to follow my purpose. I need to be super jacked And have a fit Body And also Develop charisma. I am 26 years old. It’s scaring me now. Fuck, i have wasted all those years. I feel like crying right now. I have Always been too sincere about studies And Work And neglected social life. I am good socially now. I have worked on my anxieties. But I feel like I am Missing this social need. In a way I am also escaping it by working hard And Not considering it aß important. The Corona Virus Situation worsened it. But I need to begin my social Life again now.

I feel a Sense of pain now. And a Sense of urgency in not having achieved much yet. My age is increasing.

To The Young nofappers, I am proud of you !! Keep fighting. But also Don’t make NoFap your Life Focus. Go out, meet women. Learn new skills, Get a new Job, be fit. Run a Marathon. You might regret These Things Later.

This Really scares me. The age. I feel like crying. But instead should Take Action. I will be more social again.
Work on my Body again. Work on my Passions again. And this time i would Not Leave anything on the table.

I will do it.

And I will not fap. I am afraid the years of fapping have caused this much pain to me. I regret Wasting my time on watching that nasty Shit on tv And Computer And masturbating to me. It Makes me Throw Up even thinking about it. Enough is enough. It’s now or never Guys !! NoFap for me. Ever. And no I wont be needy fo women either. But I will Go out And meet women And talking to women would be an opportunity for me to Practise Being more charismatic. I hate that I wasted time on PMO.

I have to Go through a Lot of pain again. But this time I want to Get Results. I don’t know how. But I do.

This is a huge rant. You dont need to Read it. It’s for myself.

Wish you Luck on your journey.


Day 9 Morning 20062020

Good morning. This is to inform you that I wont fap today. Because I hate PMO. PMO is disgusting. Touching your dick for No reason is disgusting. I will let my Woman do it for me at The right time. I hate the very concept of fapping. It means you are incapable of getting a Woman. And I am not. I am clearly capable of getting a Woman. And Will find one at the right time.

I hate PMO. Thanks. And I Love myself.

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Its never too late bro @TheFinalFrontier. We are all together. You are on fucking beast mode this time. Iam 100% sure you’ll succeed. Yes workout harder. Work hard. Every single second is precious. Make the most of your life. Live it to the fullest. You’ll become the best in your field man if you go on like this.

Remember porn is death

Also remember what Abdul kalam said:
‘let not thy winged days be spent in vain. When once gone no gold can bring them back.’


Thanks @Tagore

Day 9 Evening. 20062020
Listen carefully Guys. PMO is Not even an option. No seriously you wanna hear how to quit. Make IT a Life or Death Situation. Have an insane Sense of urgency. Find what your wirst Nightmare is And Imagine it every Night before sleeping. Let it scare you. Understand that IT could happen If you dont quit. No seriously. IT could happen. There is a good probability. There is a good probability that I wont be able to Perform sexually with a real woman, that If I Get a woman in the First place. There is a good possobility of fucking Up my career, my health, my Family And Everything. Visualize yourself being fired from work because of this Habit. Visualize not realizing your Potential in school. Fucking remember it every waking Moment. Have a Sense of urgency. You will feel like Shit. It’s ok. Then try to learn to be Happy without Pmo. Life is short assholes. I Wish someone told me.

Life is fucking short. Listen I am Not a Teenager anymore. I am 26. In a year I will be 27. And in ,3 years 30. Yes That’s a 3 there. If I still struggle with the little Trump between my legs It’s senseless. It means I never valued my Life. I need to realize that IT ruined my Life. It did. No doubt.

I hate PMO. I hate PMO. I hate PMO. i hate Pmo. i hate it to The core. If I ever fapped again, I would Post my Picture Here. And then also on LinkedIn. It would never ever happen because I hate it. I feel like vomiting Shit When I even write the Word PMO. I Just literally felt Like vomiting. You have to learn to be disgusted by it. Fuck Sex. Dude. IT IS Not the Only Thing in Life. Be the best Version of yourself. Maybe Talk to women If you feel like having Sex. But Don’t beg them for Sex. Be someone who Commands Sex. Who naturally attracts wkmen. Be excellent at what you do.